Photo by Dan Weltsch, winter 2003.
Transparency effect accidental and unexplained.
I'm only occasionally transparent.
Bill Millard
writer, editor, musician

also: New Yorker, Ohioan, American, Earthling, East Villager;
cultural commentator, meme generator, border crosser, multiple-hat-wearer;
citizen, doctor (non-medical), lapsed lit-critter, skeptic, enthusiast, urbanite, corndog

and correspondent: (n.b.: new address as of 11/14/2013!)


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Best-known recent publications appear in:
the American Institute of Architects' online publications Oculus and eOculus,
The Architect's Newspaper,
Architect magazine,
Rem Koolhaas/OMA, Content,
and the UK's architecture magazine icon

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Last on this page, but first among things I support, comes free speech. To quote the eminent philosopher Mae West: "People who are easily offended need to be offended more often."