Assorted unpublished writings on Kultur: literature, architecture, music, science, and the like

One piece that a few people have expressed some interest in, written for presentation at an Amherst Reunion panel (5/27/2005) rather than for publication, appears here. It's about the architecture of a college campus (Amherst's or any other) as a signifying system. Very little theory; a dash of New Urbanism. I spoke after Jim Brassord's excellent slide presentation on the evolution of Amherst's built environment. Many thanks to Bruce Becker for the chance to join this esteemed crew.

Aside from that one, everything in this category is still forthcoming, except the pieces already linked from the online pubs page.

Eventually, perhaps: selections from my music column Black Plastic (ah, doesn't a note of nostalgia for the vinyl LP seem odd nowadays? But I'll never sell 'em off)... it ran in the Forbes Newspapers (NJ), which had a great little arts section under editor Steve Hart in the late '80s and early '90s and reached a combined six-figure readership through about a dozen small papers; it was a weekly column for a while, then a monthly, and in '93 it won a New Jersey Press Association award for a piece about fIREHOSE, the death of D. Boon, the mad bass work of Mike Watt, etc.... it was almost always great fun, and it also kept me awash in review copies and comp tickets (Hoboken burglars, sadly, relieved me of all the CDs in 1994, within a month of my final column; such is the karma of rock 'n' roll)... but recovering this stuff and making some of it HTMLworthy will take quite a bit of culling, not to mention a lot of scanning and PDF-ing and/or file recovery from extinct formats. I wouldn't expect anyone to hold their breath for this.

I've also got a larger but more realistic long-range project worth mentioning here: a novel in progress. It began in the late '90s as a series of loosely linked ideas, which it remained for a couple of years; next, it became a couple of slow-moving chapter drafts and a lot of outlining, character sketches, and other backstory material, the necessary but unexciting infrastructure of a work of fiction; in the past few months it's been moving a lot more steadily and purposefully. I'll save the details for later, but here's the elevator version: it's largely concerned with forms and consequences of disinformation, it hovers around the crossroads of two major genres of American prose fiction (one considered "high" and one "low"), and it introduces a character who just might be the sort of person I could build a series around. Enough for now. Stand by.