Work, and Works, by Bill Millard

I'll jump in and introduce myself: I'm a freelance writer, editor, and musician who's recently decided to use a personal website for a variety of purposes. This section of the site includes information that may be of interest to potential clients or employers. I've almost always had more than one or two major activities in progress (the peak, I think, back during my Ph.D. work at Rutgers, was five simultaneous jobs or job-equivalents, one of which was full-time). I'm actively exploring both full-time positions and freelance projects; I'd invite anyone who likes anything they've read here, and who might want to talk about future work, to get in touch.

Contact Info: For obvious reasons I'd prefer to keep my phone numbers off the web, but correspondents can always reach me at Hard-copy mail should go to 24 St. Mark's Place, Apt. 5, New York, NY 10003. (Yes, I live on that block of St. Mark's, but the tourists really aren't that loud from here.)

I'll add a few more words here on the items linked from my homepage (thanking a certain anonymous much-loved person for expert advice about the visual aesthetics of homepages and the impossible overcrowding of my first version of this one), along with a few other salient points.

Here's my résumé in PDF format. Anyone needing the Acrobat reader to view this (is there anyone who doesn't have the Acrobat reader yet?) can get it from Adobe.

The list of my major publications to date -- literary, cultural, medical/scientific, musical, etc. -- is somewhat longer. The ones available online are on a separate links page here. Most of the ones at Patient Care magazine, where I wrote medical journalism from 1990 to 1995, bear a "prepared by" credit rather than a conventional byline; articles for this magazine are based on interviews with groups of specialist physicians and are formally credited to them, but the writing, organizing, research, and so forth are the work of the in-house and freelance editors. The music reviews from my column in the Forbes Newspapers (1987-1994) are too numerous to include; I may eventually dig some selections out of the files, spend a few days on document conversions, and set up an archive for those, but it's not urgent.

The publication from Rem Koolhaas and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam, Content (Köln: Taschen, 2004), includes several of my articles. It appeared in Europe in the winter of 2004 and in the U.S. not long afterward. It's a follow-up to S/M/L/XL in a hybrid genre, sort of a magazine and sort of a book (we report, you decide). Incidentally, Brendan McGetrick, who edited it, is an excellent guy and a saint (very few people are both).

My most recent full-time position was with Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, an innovative educational-technology division that's run and staffed by excellent people; at the Center there's no borderline between colleagues and friends. I served as CCNMTL's Special Projects Manager, which translates as grantwriter, grant researcher, launcher of new projects, assembler of faculty coalitions, in-house editor, and various other functions.

In the later 1990s I served as editor of Columbia's web/print magazine 21stC, which covered research in practically every field of science and scholarship represented at Columbia. It lasted five years, included writings by many brilliant people, took a lot of chances, remains something I'm proud to have worked on, and has its full five-year content archived through Columbia's Info Systems and Libraries.

Avocation Department: I'm in the band Shanghai Love Motel on vocals, basses, and songwriting. Only a small crowd of insiders, mainly here in New York, have heard of SLM yet. Don't believe the lack of hype: we're pretty good.